Welcome to PMH, the manufacturer of bathroom radiators, sanitary partitions and distributor of shower enclosures Palme.


Since 1999, our company has been producing quality bathroom radiators, which are now, in addition to our home sales, are exported to many other EU countries and Canada. From our range of 16 models, each with up to 10 different powder coatings plus chrome or stainless steel versions. These radiators also are available with a range of accessories such as hangers, electric heating elements and proprietary coordinated valves.

Sanitary partitions ELMAPLAN

Sanitary partitions range ELMAPLAN is made of lightweight wall elements, designed for easy, fast and fully functional division of spaces. Usually, they are used as a division of toilet cabins, changing cabins and massage cabinets, discrete areas in solariums, hospitals and rehabilitation clinics. We also supply partitions designed for children’s use. Our customers include airports, schools and hospitals.


For enthusiasts of natural materials, solid wood offers the best possible and most natural choice for wooden flooring and terrace decking. One simple reason is that wood is one of the oldest and most widely used materials, not only for construction but also for its decorative and long lasting qualities for exteriors, interiors and even furniture. It is no accident that in recent years many people have once again returned back to nature, and discovered the benefits and beauty of these solid materials, without the extensive use of the glues used in “engineered” flooring.


Palme, a high quality Austrian manufacturer of shower enclosures for domestic and hotel bathrooms, incorporates not only dimensional diversity but also offers the perfect design and customized dimension solutions. Each series of the PALME shower program is unique in design with superior engineered hinges and mountings while all ranges offer additional options...

Products of Robinia (Acacia)

We are specialists for Robinia products – from palisades, poles, timber, fence posts, bench slats, solid wood floors to terrace decking. We also supply steamed Robinie, ideal for indoor flooring and our latest innovation; two-ply stair treads: perfect stability / perfect appearance / long life.