Radiator Theia

The radiator offers the advantage of simply hanging towels on the side or hooks that are placed on 2 vertical pipes.

We can make left hand version. In this case the letter L -  T2C-L  is added at the end of order code.

Connection options of radiator Theia 

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To clean the bathroom radiators, we recommend using a damp microfiber cloth. It is not recomended to use abrasive or chemical detergents. 

Calculation of heat output:

Result: W

Select the temperature gradient and enter the power of the selected radiator.

Heat output of chrome versions can be 20% lower.

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Materials to download

Recommended accessories

Valve Easy EK

Valve Easy EK

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Valve Combi-EK

Valve Combi-EK

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Heating element PMH-ET2

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